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Turn Your Content
Into Cash

It's time to realize the revenue
you deserve!

I don't know about you, but I know EXACTLY which stack I'd rather have. Uhhh, Alex, I'll take the cash!

Enough about me, though. Let's talk about you. You’ve fine-tuned your subject matter. You’ve honed your messaging. Now it’s time to make your content work harder for you!

It’s time to GET YOUR COURSE ONLINE so you can make money while you sleep.

Most speakers assume that writing a book is a gold mine, but in reality, writing a book can act as just an expensive calling card. Books are gas money, but an online course is new car - heading toward new house - money.

It’s time to get your course online and see how your online course will drive your speaking career to greater heights. People who have an online brand get invited to speak on bigger stages, get paid more money and land the speaking gigs of their dreams.

With a course, you can pick and choose which engagements you want to do, versus feeling like you have to say “yes” to everything.

When you finally launch your online course, the Hustle changes. Your business scales. Your message is so much broader and can go globally.

I've thought a lot about what you need to get you to the finish line faster - to get you closer to making six figures with your course than you were yesterday.

So, I rallied my resources and worked some special deals with the Kajabi team and others to figure out how to get you where you need to be

And at the end of the day, all roads lead to using Kajabi as your platform of choice.

“But which plan should you go with?” you may ask...

Honestly, you can't go wrong with any Kajabi Plan.

BUT I’ve laid it all out for you…

Does Your Speaker Website Generate Revenue or Does It Just Cost You Money?

You don't realize how much you're spending until you realize HOW MUCH you're spending.

One day I sat down and calculated all of the expenses associated with my website - not my "online business" - just my website. And you want to know what I found? The numbers kept adding up and up and up.  I was spending a lot of money and I didn't realize it.

Honestly, it was hard to see. A few thousand to get my site designed, and then live, and then supported. And then I had another site where I had all of my email contacts that I gathered over the years. And then I paid to make sure my site wouldn't be hacked - because yes, I was using Wordpress - so being hacked was a very real possibility.

I was spending almost $7,000 on an annual basis for two websites that generated virtually no revenue. None! Zip! What the heck was I doing?

An Exclusive Offer on Kajabi!!
And some other bonuses!

The biggest differences between Molly's Exclusive Offer and the Starter Option is this....

With Molly's Exclusive Offer, you get an Additional Website  and the ability to do Affiliate Programs.

Affiliate Programs are great for speakers - especially if you offer to give back a percentage of Product Sales to the organization that hired you. The Affiliate Program in Kajabi completely automates the process and makes it easy for you to be generous with your clients.

AND with Molly's Exclusive Offer... you get the Marketing Mastery Course from Kajabi. I asked for one module, and they gave me the whole course - to give to you!

Marketing Mastery is the brainchild of Kajabi's marketing braintrust. It outlines exactly how to make money from your online course.

And just for fun, I threw in a few extra bonuses from yours truly!

From Content to Cash - My new course on what you need to know to get your content into a course and start making money online.


12 Week Online Course MasterMind where we can get all of your online course questions answered.


An Illustrated Guide to Course Completion. See for yourself all you need to begin making money with your online course - pictures and all! This guide is not available anywhere else. Not even Amazon!

All of these bonuses come out to more than $2,000 in Value!!

Kajabi Pricing Plans

Pick the option that works best for your business. If you want the most bang for the buck, grab Molly's Exclusive Offer!
All options include a 14 Day Risk-Free Trial.




or $149/mo


3 Products
3 Pipelines
Unlimited Landing Pages
Unlimited Marketing Emails
10,000 Contacts
1,000 Active Members
1 Website
1 Admin User

Hero University
0% Transaction Fee
Webinars & Events
Ready to Use Templates
Assessments (Quizzes & Surveys)
Business Hours Chat Support


From Content to Cash - The Expert's Guide to Get Your Course Online [Molly's new course!!] $597 Value

It's the perfect plan if you're just getting started on your speaking business.





or $199/mo


15 Products
15 Pipelines
Unlimited Landing Pages
Unlimited Marketing Emails
25,000 Contacts
10,000 Active Members
2 Websites [EXCLUSIVE OFFER!!]
10 Admin Users
Hero University
0% Transaction Fee
Webinars & Events
Ready to Use Templates
Assessments (Quizzes & Surveys)
24/7 Chat Support
Ability to Remove Kajabi Branding
Affiliate Program


Marketing Mastery - Kajabi's Course on how to sell your online product and make more money. $497 Value

From Content to Cash - The Expert's Guide to Getting Your Course Online [Molly's new course!!] $597 Value

12-Week Online Course MasterMind to get all your questions answered about getting your course online. $997 Value

An Illustrated Guide to Course Completion. 
See for yourself all you need to begin making money with your online course - pictures and all! [Not available anywhere else!]


Do You Work With The Web Guy Who Lives on the Mountaintop?

I used to work for a billion dollar corporation whose core technology platform was built and supported by a guy who lived... well, he lived wherever he wanted. And he worked whenever he wanted. And we used to nervously joke about how at-risk we were as a company. Because if he got hit by a truck... or fell off the mountain rather, what would we do?

And then, one day, it hit me. I may not have a billion dollar business (yet!) but my business is being supported by the same proverbial guy. What was I thinking? I know better. So I took action!

I became serious about my business. It was time for Kajabi.

And I found a platform where I have a team and a company supporting me in my efforts.

In a little more than 90 days, I built a site on Kajabi, I built an online course, and I started selling it. In less than a year, I made more than $100K with content I already had.

And I built it all without being at the mercy and expense of random and far-off "web guys."

Full disclosure - I did lean on Kajabi's free Support a lot!

And I made money. A lot of it.

"While I had a vision of what content I wanted to offer online, I was confused about how to start and which platform to use. It was Molly Wendell who brought my vision for a subscription learning model to reality — quickly! She took a year off my learning curve and saved me from making a laundry-list of common and expensive mistakes. While there are many ways to do this, there are specific ways to do it right. Seriously, you won’t save money doing this on your own. You will lose both time and money. Molly is a rock star!"

David Avrin, CSP
Keynote Speaker

"I started the 14 day trial with Kajabi. Within three hours, this non-techy gal built a course, loaded videos, pics, docs and wrote some content. So easy. Excellent training videos. Disclaimer... I had the course built in another platform so it was faster to get it done, but the system does a nice job of guiding you through the process to create a course. Special shout out to Molly Wendell for her expert help and getting me some bonuses with Kajabi!"

Merit Gest Kahn, CSP
Keynote Speaker

Why Kajabi?

For all the right reasons that I didn't know at the time.

When I decided to pursue scaling my revenue through an online course, I looked at every course platform out there. And I mean every single one! I painstakingly evaluated them from every angle you could imagine. And after many late nights, I came to the conclusion that Kajabi was the best option.

And I fast-forward to today and have to pinch myself for being so fortunate - so lucky - knowing that I picked the right platform. I picked Kajabi because of the technology and support. What I've gotten is a whole lot more!

In reality, there isn't a competitive product. There isn't a product that can compete with the Kajabi experience. What I call the Kajabi Kulture. Kajabi is helping me get to places I never even dreamed I could.

Imagine a  team and a company that care so deeply about your success they spend 100% of their day trying to figure out how to make your life better. 100%!

I went to their first-ever Users' Conference and I was blown away.

I walked away from the conference never wanting to leave them. Imagine if your customers never wanted to leave you?

Imagine if you could build that kind of business?

That's what it feels like to be a part of Kajabi. I want that for you.

So, it's time, my friend, to Get Your Course Online!


Give Molly a call at 720-418-8411 or send an email to [email protected]


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