You've honed your messaging.

You've fine-tuned your subject matter. 

Now, it's time to make your content work harder for you!


Most speakers, authors, experts, thought leaders assume that writing a book is a gold mine, but in reality, writing a book can act as just an expensive calling card. 


It’s time to take your content and turn it into an online course and watch how it will drive your career to greater heights. 


Unless you have a New York Times Bestseller, books are gas money, 

BUT an online course is NEW CAR or even NEW HOUSE money!


  • Nailed down which course you want to start selling instead of spending yet another year just thinking about it.
  • Figured out what to include in your course. We know you have lots of content, but not EVERYTHING should go into this course.
  • Organized your course in a way that enables your students to get the result you're promising. Remember, books are informational. Courses are transformational.
  • Recorded your course in way that ensures students will actually finish it instead of having a lot of people start, and not get the result.
  • Learned how to create rock-solid downloads fast.  Every great course creator knows - it's all in the downloads... that's where the work happens.
  • Identified your one-liner in the sales process that will get people to buy right now! This is what will increase your close rates and bring in more revenue!
  • Developed a Sales Strategy that will ensure all your hard efforts pay off. Now that you have a course, it's time to sell something!

But above all else, you'll know EXACTLY what to do next to get you that much closer to turning your CONTENT into CASH.


You don't have to do all-the-things, you just have to do the NEXT thing.

Staying focused on that next thing, minimizes distraction and gets you to selling your course faster!

You work hard and you deserve more!


...You knew exactly what you needed to do to be a player in the online business world.

...You had the flexibility and freedom to pick and choose how you wanted to work, and what you wanted to work on.

...You had the right platform to spread the message you were meant to spread.


Most of all, imagine what life WILL be like when you finally earn the revenue you DESERVE!

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"When it comes to building, positioning and selling online courses there is no one better than Molly Wendell. She took, what for me, was a complicated process and developed a simple strategy that got me to the finish line. Molly's success and proven track record in the world of online courses makes her a natural choice to spread the word to other NSA Members."

Meridith Elliott-Powell, CSP
Sales Expert/Keynote Speaker

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"Can’t wait to put into practice everything Molly’s learned about online courses. If anyone can take all the mystery out of it and turn it into dollars quickly for us, it’s Molly!"

Kelly Swanson
Story Expert/Keynote Speaker

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"I knew Molly was good at online courses, but I had no idea how much impact she would have in revitalizing my business model! Her creative ideas, and deep knowledge on Course Creation make her a joy to work with. She knows what needs to be done next, and is adept at acknowledging the challenges of business growth for busy working professionals."

Kelli Swanson Jaecks
President, NSA Oregon/Keynote Speaker


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"As one of few pricing experts in the world, I was uncertain about whether or not to create online courses and was absolutely overwhelmed by all of the technology choices. Luckily, I ran into Molly.  She provided me with insight to help me leap and then provided the guidance to help me get the first course out.  I’ve already made thousands of dollars and will definitely make more, with the current and future courses.  If you’re going to create online courses, let Molly's knowledge help you."

Mark Stiving
Pricing Expert/Keynote Speaker

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"Realising online course creation was my next step to create another stream of income to my speaking business, I tried to learn everything about how to monetize your presence online - podcasting, youtubing, webinaring, using Zoom and using various online course platforms.

But it was Molly Wendell's knowledge that was head and shoulders above the rest - both in content and presentation style.

For any who has questions about online course creation, they will get answers to their questions from Molly Wendell."

Nina Sunday, CSP
President, Professional Speakers Australia/Keynote





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It's All About Critical Course Decisions.

Making these decisions at the front-end will ensure that when it comes time to building your product, you build the right one.

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Let's Start Creating Your Course.

You have lots of content, but what do you put in and what do you leave out? This module focuses on outlining your course and structuring it in a way that enables your students to get to the finish line.

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Lights. Camera. Action!

Whether you're recording your course via video or audio over slides, you want to create a product with texture and dimension and depth - because that's what keeps your students engaged.

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Sell. Sell. Sell.

Learn the best sales strategies that will work for you... including the single greatest way to increase close rates!

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Beyond The Course.

Creating an online course - or any online product - is just the beginning. When you create quality products, your audience will want more. Learn what to do next and how to take the online product you built and make it into something so much more!

It’s time to turn your CONTENT TO CASH so you can make money while you sleep.


Yes! While you sleep!

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Hey there! Molly here!  Who am I? I'm a speaker and course creator. You can tell by the picture. That's what we do. We hold coffee cups in cafes and smile like we are having a blast. In my case, the cup has tea. And truth be told. I am having a blast. 

I've spent much of my career working with, and speaking to, Executives and Leadership Teams. And then I caught the online course bug.

But I looked at online courses with a different lens...
I realized that my background running Marketing and Strategy for Technology companies made me perfectly positioned to be successful in online courses. Because what is an online course? It's information put together strategically on a technology platform and sold to the right audience. Marketing. Strategy. Technology.

As I was building my own courses, I had questions. Lots of them. And not a lot of people had answers.

I had to figure so much out myself. And I realized no one was talking about this. I took my insights and methods and quick (and inexpensive) ways to get things done and packaged it all into From Content To Cash.

I know what it takes to get your course online and scale your business. And I'm here to help you realize the revenue you deserve!


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Module 1
Critical Course Decisions

Building a course comes with a lot of decisions - not just about what's inside the course, but decisions outside your course. In this Module, we'll talk about all of those decisions you need to make when it comes to your digital product.

- What ideas do you have around courses?
- What kind of product should you build?
- How comprehensive will it be?
- What will you call it?
- What kind of results will your students get?
- How will you price it?
- Where will you house it?

Talking about this now, and making these decisions at the front-end will ensure that when it comes time to building out your course, you actually build out the right one. 


  • Course Title and Promise
  • Everything You Need to Know About Your Course Branding
  • How to Get More Out of Your Logo Design
  • Pricing | Refunds | Access | Support | Technology
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Module 2
Let's Start Creating Your Course 

It's time to get started in creating your actual content. But first, you'll learn the jargon of Online Business and how it's a bit different from the rest of the world.

Then, you'll learn about structuring your content in a way that enables your students to get to the finish line.  Plus, you'll learn a method on how to refund-proof your course. Seriously, very few, if anyone, will ask for a refund!

This is a quick module from a training standpoint because you need to begin the most important aspect of the course - and that's creating YOUR course. 


  • Figuring Out What Content Gets In and What Gets Out
  • Organizing Your Content That Will Get the Greatest Result
  • The Single-Greatest Method to Reduce the Possibility of Refund Request
  • The Quick and Easy (and Cheap!) Way to Create Great Downloads

Module 3
Lights. Camera. Action!

It's time to put the ideas into action - and that means turning your content into an actual recording. Whether it's direct-to-camera or audio over slides, this module will let you know what you need to know before you spend unnecessary time AND money! 

This module is all about recording your course and creating a product with texture and dimension and depth - one that enables your students to get to the finish line! And it doesn't stop there. You'll also learn how to design Video Studio Sets like a pro - and turn any area of your office, home, whatever, into a background that will look quality and professional.


  • The Carpet Squares Method of Creating Course Texture
  • Design Sets and Edit Videos Like a Pro [Quality Control Trackers Included!]
  • Know Exactly What to Include In Your Course Onboarding Sequence
  • The Fastest Way to Load Your Course Content Into Your Course Platform
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Module 4
Sell. Sell. Sell. 

Your course is complete, but now the real work begins, right? It's time to make some sales. Here, you'll learn the secret to making online sales - whether it's packaging bonuses as an incentive to Buy Now - or knowing just the right words to say that will get your close rates higher than you ever expected.

You'll also learn the difference between Landing Pages and Sales Pages and the purpose of your Website (now that you're an online business person!).

This module has a lot of information, so you'll want to take it slowly, and just start with one thing, and then another, and then another. You don't have to do everything right at the get-go. Just some key things that will get you early results.


  • Building an Email List
  • Lead Magnets For Every Stage of the Buying Cycle
  • Landing Page vs Sales Page vs Website
  • The Magic of Bonuses - Why They Buy... Now
  • The Single, Greatest tool to Increase Close Rates

Module 5
Beyond The Course 

Once your course is done, it’s time to think about building upon your foundation and becoming an even greater online business than you ever thought you'd be!

You're launching. You're making sales. You're delivering results. Now what?

In this module, we'll talk about what you want to be thinking about beyond the course.  Your students want more you. What does more you even look like?


  • Supporting Your Students - and How to Get Them Across the Finish Line
  • How to Build and Implement Your Online Presence Plan
  • Turning Your Course Into Something More... Maybe Even a Membership Site
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Plus I've created this BONUS to help you generate unstoppable momentum - and keep it -  right through your course launch.

  • THE STUDIO | A PRIVATE COMMUNITY: Get support and all your questions answered right here inside this members-only group

The Studio 

Join our Private Community to get all of your course questions answered.

We're on this journey, you and me... and all the other course creators. There is so much energy here - all focused on one thing - spreading the message you were meant to spread - in a scalable way. 

Lean on, and learn from, the Community. We're here for you!

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Bonus 5
Build Your Course in 10 Minutes a Day

Whether you're online or offline, this 10-Minute Task List Guide to Completing Your Course will put an end to your "I don't have time" excuses and get you closer to your goal! 


  • One
  • Two
  • Three


Plus you'll be backed by a Risk-Free 48-Hour Guarantee 

I know you're going to love this course because it's everything you need to take your content and turn it into cash.

But if you're on the fence, then let me say this - if you purchase this course, and decide it's not for you, just say the word and I will refund your money.

But do it quickly because you only have 48 hours from the moment you purchase in which to take advantage of this money-back guarantee.

But seriously. You're going to love it. Because it's exactly what you need to take what you know, spread the message you were meant to spread, and make money in the process.

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Enroll in From Content to Cash | Online Course Today!

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