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The first place to start when creating an online product is with the Trademark.


If you’re planning to be in the online business world, protecting your intellectual property is critical.


Having the knowledge of how to do that will only ensure that you’re smarter about your IP from day one. 

Copyright versus trademark

© vs. ™ vs. ®


Do you know the difference between a copyright and trademark and what is best for your content? You will now! And that's just the beginning. You'll get the ins and outs of smart business strategy and how that comes into play when naming your online product - and why securing a Trademark with registered trademark rights - is critical to protecting your online business.


Most think the process starts with applying, but you have to do a little work before you get on the system. You'll be fully prepared before you jump on the system to apply.  And when you do, you'll get a guided, over-the-shoulder view of an actual trademark application. It's about as close to Done-For-You as it can get. And once it's filed, that's just one less thing to worry about.


Hooray, your content is Trademarked! what? Well, there will probably be some people infringing upon your registered trademark - unintentionally or otherwise. But don't worry, in this course, you'll learn exactly what steps to take - from no-cost to low-cost - in your journey to protecting your intellectual property - your newly acquired registered trademark.

The Trademark NavigatorTM is the Complete Guide to securing the right trademark for your online product!


With The Trademark Navigator, you can easily apply for your online trademark without the cost of a lawyer.

And with the confidence that you know what you need both now… and in the future.



Think of it This Way...

If you build your course without first protecting it and later find out someone already has the Trademark, you'll have to...

RENAME your course

RERECORD your videos

REDESIGN your downloads

REDO your sales page

REWRITE your entire onboarding sequence

REWORK your social media posts



What’s the cost of having to redo your ENTIRE course?!

The Trademark Navigator saved me $3,000!!

Literally three grand! Just last week! I reached out to some attorneys because I wanted to register a trademark. The fee I was quoted was $1,500. But here's the thing, I knew that wouldn't be the first, or the last, trademark I wanted to register.

I bought The Trademark Navigator, and within 24 hours, I successfully applied for two trademarks. That's right. Two of them.

Before this course, I thought I needed to pay a Trademark Attorney.
After this course, I know I don't!
 - Gregory G., Online Course Creator -

Molly Wendell

I Want to Help You Succeed in Your Online Business

Hey there! Molly here!  Who am I? I'm a speaker and course creator. You can tell by the picture. That's what we do. We hold coffee cups in cafes and smile like we are having a blast. In my case, the cup has tea. And truth be told. I am having a blast. 

I've spent much of my career working with, and speaking to, Executives and Leadership Teams. And then I caught the online course bug.

I realized that my background running Marketing and Strategy for Technology companies made me perfectly positioned to be successful in online courses. Because what is an online course? It's information put together strategically on a technology platform and sold to the right audience. Marketing. Strategy. Technology.

So now I help people create online products and protect them!

Insight From an Experienced Trademark Attorney

Well, hello! I'm Jeff and I've been practicing Intellectual Property Law for more than 20 years.

Whether it's registering trademarks, dealing with trademark disputes, or handling copyrights, patents, and trade secrets, there's not much I haven't seen.

I started my career in the Bay Area, Silicon Valley to be exact, the hotbed of technology - where entrepreneurial ventures grew into large corporations.

While the size of the company changed, the importance of protecting their intellectual property didn't.

I'm excited to be here for you as a resource to help you understand what it takes to apply for and secure a federal trademark for your online product.

Jeff Whitley Intellectual Property Trademark Lawyer


The fast path to trademarking your online product

trademark versus copyright

Trademark Considerations

Everything you need to think about BEFORE you spend time and money applying for your trademark.

Researching Your Mark

Methods of research to ensure you don’t miss what’s already out there.

how to get a trademark
Trademark Basics USPTO

Trademark Class Primer

Discover how the USPTO organizes trademarks and learn exactly what you need to do before you get on the USPTO system to apply. 

How To Apply For a Trademark | The Step-By-Step 

The step-by-step to filling out your trademark application online - directly with the USPTO.

How to apply for a trademark
Getting a trademark registration USPTO USA

Tracking Your Progress

What happens after you apply, an inside look at the USPTO timeline, and what you need to do next. Plus... you'll have access to the ultimate Trademark Tracker.

Friendly Email Strategy to Enforcing Your Trademark 

A quick, easy, and inexpensive first step to defending your trademark once you’re granted registration. 

Trademark Application Process

The Complete Guide to Securing the Right Trademark for Your Online Product



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Questions? We've got Answers!
Trademark FAQs

You've worked hard on your online content. Now protect it! 

So many course creators don't know where to start when it comes to Trademarking, so they just don't do it. Let me help you protect your product, so you can launch worry free!