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LIVE MASTERCLASS. Keep Your Bookings - And Your Fees. Register Now!

LIVE MASTERCLASS. Keep Your Bookings - And Your Fees. Register Now!

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Already have a course and need the BEST course platform out there? Try Kajabi.

Purchase through Molly Wendell's Affiliate Link below, and get:

  • 3 Months of access to Molly's Online Course MasterMind - Individual Coaching - in a Group Setting. Molly shows  up for you two times per month for three months to ensure you get your course started, finished, and selling!

  • Set Up Your Custom Domain - Get on a call, share your screen, and have Molly walk you through setting up your Custom Domain. 

  • Lead Magnet Workshop - Build your list with a great Lead Magnet! Tune into the Workshop as Molly walks you through, step-by-step everything you need to know to take to create a great Lead Magnet AND load it onto Kajabi. 

  • Kajabi VIP Calls  - Get your very own VIP Calls with a Kajabi KaGenius to ask anything you want and get the help you need.

Imagine... Molly on speed-dial to support you in your platform. PLUS Kajabi's 24 x 7 x 365 support! 

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Any Site Migration to Kajabi 

  • Move your entire Wordpress website or blog 
  • Full Kajabi working website
  • Set up navigations and integrations
  • Fast turnaround time
Move my website now!

Kajabi Website Creation

  • Install, design and develop brand new Kajabi website from scratch
  • 5 fully functioning basic pages to get you started
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Build my Kajabi Site!