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I'm Molly Wendell

Who am I? On any given day, you'll find me speaking to CEOs and their Leadership Teams or facilitating their annual offsites. Honestly, they have me on speed-dial.

But what changed my business was when I started creating online courses for executives. Here's what happened. After I created my first online course, my mind shifted. It shifted to scale. I thought... how can I show up for them, be more, do more, and positively affect more executives.

After finding success with my content online, I realized that there was a huge knowledge gap - especially in the content world - speakers, authors, consultants, coaches - between what people thought delivering material online looked like and what it actually is. I looked at online courses with a different lens - especially after spending my corporate career running Marketing and Strategy for Technology companies.

I know what it takes to scale businesses. And, I'm here to help you look at your business and figure out ways for you to scale. So you can spread the message you were meant to spread... and realize the revenue you deserve.

Your Course Organizes in My Head


I knew I was good at creating online courses for myself, but I never realized how helpful I could be to others with their online courses.


Did you ever see The Matrix... where the guy can see a bullet in slow motion?

That's what happens with your course. When you tell me about your course, it organizes - in slow motion - in my head. Who knew?


While you're struggling with your content... your course is crystal clear to me!

Let's shift your business to scale... together!

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