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Is your website helping... or hurting... your coaching and consulting business?

coach consultant website Jan 03, 2021

As a coach or consultant or speaker, you want to be viewed as an expert. In fact, the reason you became a coach or consultant or speaker… 9 times out of 10… is because you left your corporate job and thought… what I really like to do is tell others what to do. Motivate and inspire them. To help other organizations and people realize the results I know they can.

And you love it! You love when you’re delivering that great speech. You love when you’re spending time in coaching sessions – being that sounding board and guide. You love it when you’re consulting with others – getting paid for what you know… and then not having to implement. Yes. Yes, you do.

But what you don’t love is when you’re trying to sell. And if someone told you that you would spend more time selling the next engagement than delivering it, you might not have taken the leap.

But here you are.

Ready to deliver – whether it’s a speaking, coaching, or consulting engagement.

And here’s the problem.

You spend your life delivering the service, but it’s sometimes difficult to step back and think about how you’re selling it.

Enter your website.

You probably already have a website. In fact, you probably put it up about three, five, maybe ten years ago.

After thousands of dollars spent getting a website designed, and thousands getting a website coded, and who knows how much more getting a website supported… you are in business.

Thank goodness that’s over, right.

Wait a second! Have you evolved in your busines? Has your style changed?

Let’s hope so!

Because if you haven’t evolved in the last five years… you may want to!

Times have changed.

Shouldn’t your website change too?

What is your website telling the world? That you are current, relevant, and up-to-date with your expertise?

Well, if your site hasn’t been updated in the last 24 months, then you may be perceived as not as current, not as relevant, not as up-to-date… as you want to be.

What should you do?

Well, websites are no longer just informational with a contact page. They’re interactive. Does your site share your knowledge? Does your site create a sense of urgency – to get some free stuff – as a trial to see if people like how you think?

As a former CMO, I’m often critical of people’s websites. And even more critical of how much people spend on technology tools. For their own good… even though it stings sometimes.

Do you know how much companies used to need to spend to build a great website? A lot.

Do you know how much companies need to spend NOW to build a great website? Not much.

And neither do you.

Because the tools these days are amazing. More on that later!!

What about content for your website?

Your coaching, speaking, consulting, author website should include what I call the Fab 5. If you don’t have this Fab 5, you’re missing out on opportunity.

  1. Lead Magnet – A “lead magnet” is a freebie (a download of sorts) that people “opt-in” to by giving you their email address. It’s a method used to build your contact list. It’s the equivalent of asking people for their business cards in exchange for you sending some type of information. Your lead magnet should be front and center on your website!

  2. Defining Statement - A clear statement on your target audience’s issues – and their pain points so that when the right people show up to your site, they’re inclined to stay and learn more.

  3. Aspirational Statement (aka Solutions) – Let your audience know what kind of result they can expect by working with you. What’s in it for them. This may be followed by a summary of Services/Products – enabling them to self-select how they want to engage with you.
  4. Subscribe to – Let your audience know they can access your weekly content – whether it’s your blog, or podcast, or video series.

    Don’t just say “Subscribe to my weekly content.” And definitely don’t talk about a newsletter. Newsletters went out with… with aol addresses. They’re old. They’re dated.

    Brand your content. Create a fun name. Refer to it with some kind of result. Let people know what kind of ride they’re in for.

    When the folks at Disney were deciding on a new name for their rollercoaster, they didn’t call it Steel Rollercoaster. They called it Incredicoaster! That sounds way more stand-in-line-worthy! How can you brand yourself to be stand-in-line-worthy?
  1. About You | How to Get in Touch – Say a little something about you… not a regurgitation of your resume or some crazy long bio. Just enough to say “I can relate to what this person has to say.” Also, don’t forget the contact info. You can have a general contact form, but PLEASE also have an email AND phone number.

But don’t I need a web designer?

No, you really don’t. You can do it all yourself… easily!

You need a platform that is designed to make it easy for you. That is designed to generate revenue. That is designed to make you look like you’re relevant and compelling. That is designed to help you land your dream clients.

You need one tool. One tool to do all of this.

You may have seen ads for different website platforms like Squarespace and Wix. But that’s all they can do for you. Host a website.

You may already be on one of those platforms.

You may have your website on Wordpress. Oh Wordpress. Don’t even get me started. With Wordpress, someone needs to design your site, and even if you buy a template, you still need to update all the plugins.

But here’s what those tools don’t do for you. They don’t give you the ability to really generate revenue. All they do is give you the ability to have a one-way monologue… not a two-way conversation.

I’m passionate about this, because I wasted soooo much money. Sooo much time. So much aggravation.

Until I found a simpler solution. And overnight, my life became easier and my business became more profitable.

The solution I found was Kajabi.

Kajabi is an all-in-one platform. Best known for being an online course platform, with Kajabi, you can build a website, do email marketing – broadcast and email sequences, opt-in forms and lead magnets, sales pages, landing pages, create automated funnels, register people for events, do payment processing, and… run your online course or membership.

Why pay individually for all the different services that you need to be successful in your coaching and consulting business… when there’s a one-stop solution at a much lower overall price.

Oh, and I did I mention the best part. Kajabi’s support. Phone support, chat support, email support, and a very vibrant and helpful Kajabi Community. For most plans, it’s 24 x 7 x 365. Does your web developer provide that? Never mind. Sorry I asked.

Here’s what I recommend.

When you’re ready to redo your website, use Kajabi instead of these other tools so that you already have the foundation to generate revenue.

And from there… think about an offering you could put out there to scale your business. Group Coaching, Live Workshop, an Online Course, Accountability Groups, anything to take what you know and scale yourself.

For special access to a free coaching website template and help creating online products to scale your coaching and consulting business, click here.

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